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Thursday, March 3, 2011


So tomorrow, actually, later this morning coz it's already past midnight , I will be heading out to get myself a tripod for my camera (it's actually my sister's), so I can start taking videos for Youtube. I am quite scared to do it, to be honest  as I've never done it before. I mean I did post a video of my son, but not like doing tutorials or showing my crafts, kwim??
I hope I'd do fine with the vids that I'll be doing....Ack! Quite nerve-racking. wish me luck :)



I hear ya..I still don't like to talk for very long and some you tubbers out there have asked me to do tutorials...I'm just not there I saw we move at our own pace. Have a great Day!


Thanks Terri!

We'll get there. I'm still taking my time. Right now, I'll just shoot a video, watch it and decide if I will post it or not. LOL!

You should, however, post a tutorial or just show your works of art as they are truly amazing. *wink*


Wow your blog is so beautiful♥


Hi Cynthia!!! Thanks!! I tweaked it a little bit.

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