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Friday, June 10, 2011

Charm Tassel

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Oh my neglected blog :(

I have not been updating my blog. It's just that I have lots of things going on over here online. The Youtube, Ning websites, and more Youtube. But today, I decided to post my latest creations. I still have a ton that I wanna do, but I just don't have the time, right materials and enough space  and I need lots of money to have these things. Well, being a SAHM won't help because one paycheck for the whole household (not a big one though, just the 3 of us, but still...) is almost not enough for us, let alone to have all these "necessities" for my craft. I thought about selling my creations and I tried to research online as to how the business in the craft world is and I found out that it's a tough competition out there. And with the economy here in the USA, I don't think I am going to sell any of my creations. Another thing is, there are tons of really creative people out there. I mean, their artworks are truly phenomenal, and their stuff are not being sold. Well, not right away anyway - one thing that I don't have is patience. To wait for several weeks for my creations to sell is something that I don't want to experience. Hah! I'm such a pessimist! But yeah, I am afraid that no one will like what I create and it will truly break my heart. It scares me just thinking about it.
What I do in order to get more supplies is that I save whatever DH gives me once a month for groceries and DS's stuff. I try to budget it so that there would a little left! So, little by little I get to buy supplies that I know I would really use.
Well, that's it for now. I just wanted to share what's in my head today :) I'll be posting the latest projects that I have done since my last post here. I will also be posting my swaps.
More posts soon :)